Tuesday, September 29, 2009

shuffle shuffle shuffle

each sweet taste of peace is followed by tart worry.
i'm trying (really) to trust, to breathe
trying to shuffle my feet fast across the air so as not to fall mid jump

they got my visa app and documents, processed the payment.
now i wait.

Monday, September 28, 2009

2-3 weeks

Oh my! the last seven months flew past me like a fighter jet set for enemy territory. hmmm...i'm not sure about that analogy either. I'm feeling increasingly insane as October 15th gets closer. I'm forcing deep breaths to avoid hyperventilation. i'm trying to convince myself that alot can happen in 17-22 days. like meeting an elderly couple with tons of money and no one to give it to who happen to buy into my dream.
i've also thought about standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign that reads "will sing for money." on the flip side "will stop for more."

but i know, i know He is faithful and that His timing is perfect. so i won't force it. and i'll try to stop freaking out. but i am counting the days.

India or Bust.