Friday, December 31, 2010

plans! plans! no plan!

i have plans, friends.
my first plan is to go to NYC
from there i plan to get on a plane
and fly my little not-even-half-mexican self to Kolkata
once in Kolkata i plan to show up for orientation at Mother House
and start volunteering at Daya-Dan, in a different capacity than before
soon after that i plan on finding a semi-permanent place of residence
but before that, i want to find a community of Christ followers
and serve them and alongside them
if they allow
i plan to have great adventures
maybe visit Mumbai and Bangelore
Rajasthan and Nagaland too
i plan to return at the end of June

but then again i have no money
well, that's not entirely true
mostly it's not enough
but He multiplies
so, no matter

i plan, i plan, i plan
and then He reminds me
that His plans are far more fantastic than my logical and rational thought patterns can conceive
He is good
He is faithful
and He will perfect that which concerns me

so i have plans, but then again i have no plan
no matter, His plan is always better